Through experienced professionals help affiliates realize full potential.

  • Functional area guidelines
  • Communication Blueprint
  • Professional Referrals
  • Affiliate maturity model
  • STI Model (Catapult)
  • Performance management program
  • Business process improvement
  • Executive development


Provide robust standardized business-enabling technologies to achieve high value at a lower cost

  • ERP
  • HR Management System/Payroll
  • Contemporaneous data room
  • Document control system
  • Infrastructure framework
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Business Intelligence (BI)


Risk Management
Enhanced level of risk management through identification, evaluation, and mitigation of risk

  • SOX-Lite controls
  • Comprehensive audit plan
  • Optimized HSE
  • Comprehensive insurance program
  • Succession plans
  • Exit strategy and timing


Leverage an efficient business infrastructure that provides value to our business partners

  • Consolidated financials
  • Affiliate onboarding
  • Health and welfare programs
  • Retirement programs
  • Service level agreements
  • Affiliate exit process
  • Treasury services
  • Finance services
  • Market research


Deliver value-added information for informed decision making

  • Informal interactions
  • Board reporting
  • Affiliate reporting
  • Stakeholder satisfaction feedback
  • CEO roundtable
  • Functional councils
  • Investment and commercial banking dialogue